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    What is Promo Chips at a Casino??

    I just got a letter from the Monte Carlo Casino in Las Vegas to go and try out their new restaurant called Brand. They also say I get a suite for 2 nights, $150 dollars I can use at their restaurant Brand, and $1,000 promo chips. My question is What is Promo chips? and how do they work? Can I cash-out my promo chips and don't play? Please let me know. Thanks

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    Most likely its a bet by bet deal where you bet $5 they add $1 or somthing up to $1000, or its a slot card that you can use in place of cash with some type of play through requirement. Its always easy to call them on the phone and ask for the exact terms!

    I do not think however you can simply walk in and get $1000 in cash for it.
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    I would have to agree.
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