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    Buyin/Addon at Bigbet

    Face, I think you should get in touch with your rep and protest in the strongest terms. In the freeroll event at Bigbet, the extra money from buyins and add-ons was Not added to the prize pool!
    This money must be returned to you by Bigbet, and you can use it in a future event. They cannot be allowed to keep it!


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    yes i agree and count me in on future games on big bet freerolls or buy-in maybe we should start even our league there?

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    The Reasoning...

    The reasoning for why the re-buys and add-ons weren't added to the prizepool
    is because they already sponsored this tournament The whole $250. No money of
    my own is required for this tournament because they footed the total bill.

    The money from re-buys and add-ons were included in a way, but it was like
    the prizepool was minus $250 in the beginning. Until the amounts of the re-buys
    and add-ons exceeded $250, no more money would be added. Say if there had
    been $260 in re-buys and add-ons, then $10 would have been added to the prizepool.

    I know it doesn't sound right, but you have to remember, that $250 was free
    money put out by the poker room and not us, so i think its fair the way it worked out.

    Surely you agree now don't you?
    Be Sure To Always Read Terms & Conditions, An Informed Player Is A Smart Player.

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    well,if you put it this way,i agree,i thought you sponsored the tournamenta and in that way it wasn't fair!

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    Certainly that is fair enough ...
    The only 'unfair' aspect is that this was not made clear up front.

    I will also be in any future games at Bigbet, nothing against the site at all ...
    But would prefer another network. The Merge client is requires too much computer resources to run smoothly; more than most other networks. Prefer another ...

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    We will have more games at other sites as well, Trying to keep in mind who
    is restricted and who isn't. I know players from canada and the netherlands
    were restricted at Big Bet Poker, but i couldn't help that.

    Not having to foot the bill for this game this time, i could not refuse that game.

    Well will see how things come around after the 1st of the year. When we get all figured out, we will let you guys know.
    Be Sure To Always Read Terms & Conditions, An Informed Player Is A Smart Player.

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