1. Moneygram review

    MoneyGram is a money transfer service  that was founded in 1940 under the name of Travelers Express. It is considered a new electronic wallet, and throughout the years, it improved and developed into one of the most efficient companies with thousands of offices worldwide. They have ensured this by partnering up with other money remittances and financial institutions in each country. 

    MoneyGram also offers prepaid MasterCard which works just like a debit card, but may be loaded by transferring funds in different MoneyGram outlets.

  1. Highlights

    Easy to Use. Upon choosing the Casino, the player will have to inform MoneyGram, either by phone or email to receive instructions (e.g. name, destination, ect.) to send the transfer. After transferring the money, the person will be given a tracking code which must be given to the site. Once the Casino has this info, along with the players account number, and personal info, they will deposit the funds within minutes.
    Depositing Methods. MoneyGram accepts many popular deposit methods, like the following: Cash, Visa and MasterCard and it can be sent either online or from an agent location. If the user sends an amount larger than $100, most Gambling sites will reimburse the fee that were charged for the transfer.
    Available for US players. MoneyGram is a transfer method available to USA players. 
    Promptness. Transactions are done in 10 minutes, but this is subject to agent hours and availability.
    Convenient Locations. Currently, there are an estimated amount of 125,000 outlets of MoneyGram in more than 170 countries. 
    Limits. A transaction can be made for any amount from one cent to $10,000.00 and most transaction types even allow up to $20,000,000 to be sent in one day (certain restrictions apply). For online transfers, the limits vary.
    ID. Transfers up to $899 will not require I.D.  
  1. Downside

    Prices and Fees. The cost of transferring depends on the destination and compared to some e-Wallets, they can be more expensive, because of a minimum fee policy. Although they maintain competitive prices, and some users may get additional discount using MoneyGram Rewards Program.

  1. Personal Opinion

    Moneygram seems to be a fast, secure and easy depositing option for Casino players worldwide, as it accepts various deposit methods and has thousands of offices. It might not be the best option for players that wish to deposit small amounts. 

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